Let’s have little bit of Body Positivity!

Once I start committing to loosing weight and changing my body, I am perhaps not surprisingly then more likely to notice the flaws I want to change.

This is really getting me down at the moment, especially because the mirror in my room reflects me as I sit slumped over my desk, with all my flaws emphasised as my tummy sits in my lap in a neat roll or two.

But you know what, I may not like my tummy, but I have a great bum! It’s one of my favourite bits of my body, so today, as I was sitting feeling pretty horrible about the body I walk around in, I decided to celebrate my yummy curvy bum, to remind myself that actually, sometimes you just have to focus on the good bits.

So without further ado, here is my lovely bum, showcased in all it’s glory by my skinny jeans!

Yes to curves. Yes to body positivity and YES to pear shaped women with thick thighs, wide hips and great bums! 🍐🍑

I feel better already!

Until next time,

Dani x