Summer is here, get to the gym!

 I haven’t posted in a while. The cop-out reason I could give for that would centre on finishing my degree and final exams.

Whilst that certainly didn’t help, it would be lying to you and to me to say that it was the only reason.

The truth is, I didn’t so much fall off the wagon, as crash off and rolled away from it. I went back to sugar (specifically biscuits) as I finished my dissertation. I stopped Sunday-Run day. All in all, a disaster.

BUT I’m now ready to get back on the wagon, and to commit to it in a big way. I’ve got myself a super discounted gym membership (seriously guys, wait until the end of the month when membership sales people need to meet their quotas, and then ask for a discount). I’m also back at aqua aerobics.

This morning I was in the pool, taking a class by 9.10am, and yesterday I spent all day outside digging the garden. The physical activity feels hard on my body, but great on my mind.

I’ve got a goal of loosing the 20kgs I’ve put on in the last 2.5 years, and I’m also hoping to get back on the ‘refined sugar free’ wagon. 

Baby steps, one excercise class at a time. To tell the truth, I’m pretty intimidated about the classes out of the pool – I’m so unfit that I am worried I’ll stick out like a sore thumb! But fingers crossed I can get past that worry soon.

I’ll update you as I go!
Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Summer is here, get to the gym!

  1. Nothing wrong with falling off the wagon as long as you get back on again. It’s definitely not an easy journey and sometimes life gets in the way but good for you for coming back in a big way, I think that’s really what matters. Sounds like your motivation is really up there and I wish you all the best continuing this journey of yours! You’ve got this! x

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