OMG Check this out!

Guys, today I discovered a truly amazing resource for anyone who is trying to either loose weight and wants to know how much their desired body ‘look’ might weigh, or anyone who needs a Body-Positive boost, so that they can get a handle on what a certain height and weight look like on real women.

This resource is the website:

You put in your height, weight, and body type and hit search. The site then generates an entire gallery of women (or there is a men’s section) that fit that criteria, showing you how weight, fat and muscle can create varying body types and how numbers on the scale do not necessarily mean the same for everyone.

Using this resource really opened my eyes, and it also helped me to feel less uncomfortable in my own skin when I could look at images of women exactly the same height and weight as me, and still find things that I just loved about their bodies.

The website also has a ‘quiz’ function, to test whether you know what a particular weight actually looks like on a ‘normal’ woman.

I cannot recommend this enough, and I will certainly be going back for another visit in the future. I may even upload my own images, who know??

Until next time,

Dani xx


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