Who am I?!

This weekend, I have had the chance to realise how lucky I am.

Cravings for sugar reached an absolute low point on Saturday night, and resulted in me being totally objectionable and unreasonable to my incredibly forgiving boyfriend.

This situation went a little something like this:

9.30pm We agree to have fish and chips for dinner as a treat, and out he goes to get them. 

10pm He hasn’t come back yet and it’s only down the road. Where is he? Hope he’s ok….

10.10 Phone call –  Me: ‘Where are you? Did you get lost or something!?’

Him: ‘Chip shop was out of everything, so I’m at Tesco getting alternatives.’

Me: Snarky comments and putting the phone down.

10.30 He comes home and I am in  an inexplicable sulk that I cannot shake.

We commence to have an argument where I am totally unfair and demand he leave me alone.

I proceed to sulk for half an hour, before I text him:

Looking back on it, I’m shocked and amazed. No ‘Well you should be’ or anything like it. 

Just love and forgiveness and cuddles. I am truly blessed.

I’m really hoping the crankiness will start to disappear in the coming week, and all the benefits of the sugar free life will start to make themselves known. One thing I’ve already noticed is how much my sense of taste has improved – I’m experiencing new depths of flavour out of everyday foods like baked beans.

But overall, currently it’s a bit of a grind. I did manage to drag myself out of a “run” (if you can call the stubble-jog-walk I did that) but it was boring and painful and hard work. 

Never mind. I’ll keep at it and hope for the best!

Until next time,

Dani x


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