Danger! Danger!

Right now I am dealing with two types of danger – firstly my horrendous bad mood. It’s been here since Monday evening, so I’m hoping it’s the sugar withdrawal, otherwise I fear I’m slowly but surely regressing to cave-woman status.

The second one is the danger of editing software. On a whim, I downloaded a free app called ‘Plastic Surgery Simulator Lite’ to try it out on my ‘before photos.’ I thought that having an idea about what I could look like if I stuck with the programme would help motivate me. It didn’t. 

Instead, it was depressing. I created that image in about 2 minutes, and although the editing is a bid dodgy, basic and you can clearly tell it’s been photoshopped, nevertheless, I was shocked at the result.

Far from inspiring me, it instead filled me with sadness about how far from that edited image I was. How long it would take me to get there. 

I almost immediately started paying more attention to the flaws I had so carefully wiped away on the image.

It is perhaps telling that I made that image and intended to blog about it 3 days ago, but it’s taken me this long to feel ok about doing so.

I cannot believe how available apps to do this sort of thing are. Anyone, with any sort of mental state or impression about their body can now radically alter what it looks like. I genuinely feel that is dangerous. 

The other issue with such apps is that photoshop used to be the preserve of magazines and advertisements, but now, anyone can do it. So those girls who I follow on Instagram as ‘ #bodygoals ‘ might not even be walking around with the bodies I admire! 

Hmmm…Food for thought….

Until next time,

Dani x


2 thoughts on “Danger! Danger!

  1. I think in this day and age it’s hard to know what’s edited and what not, we just have to hope people are being honest 🙂 But even if a picture is fake, if it inspires you let it, cause in the end the only person they’re really deceiving is themselves (if that logic makes sense aha) But stick at it hun – One step at them time 🙂 concentrate on feeling the best you can at this point in time, not the end goal – I know how it feels, my end goal feels soo long away too and almost too far away to achieve, however I am trying to just make the most of the moment and appreciate every little improvement 🙂 Good Luck xx

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