Stopping Sugar; Shopping for Shoes.

Last Tuesday, I was chatting to a friend about how she had cut out sugar in a bid to reverse the steady decent in to death-by-cookies that a history degree initiates.

“I was utterly foul for the first week, and I dreamt about biscuits, but now I feel great and I don’t even miss it.”

This wasn’t the first time I’d heard about sugar withdrawal and the amazing health benefits which followed it. Having watched ‘Sugar Free Farm’ (where celebrities go cold turkey on sugar for a month) I have to admit I was intrigued. So I decided to join her.

 Within days I had given up sugar and spent £60 on a new pair of trainers so I can commit to my “Sunday Run Days.” I hadn’t worked out for a while, and my old ones were knackered!

I plan to stay off of all refined/processed sugar until Easter: biscuits, cake, chocolate, sugar in my tea.

From there, we shall see but I’m hoping to only have sugar as a treat on rare occasions. I’m still allowing myself fruit juice, yogurts and jam though – I need this to be something I can stick with!

I’m feeling ok for now, but I’m bracing myself for the grumpy side effects from the sugar withdrawal.

Let’s do this!

Until next time,

Dani x


2 thoughts on “Stopping Sugar; Shopping for Shoes.

  1. Going without sugar really works 🙂 I have lost 1st in about 1month whilst sticking to roughly 10g of sugar a day, occasionally having a bad day and giving in to chocolate, I won’t lie, but I don’t eat jam and the likes.
    Some things I find helpful:
    If you like bananas try just having a banana with a bit of cinnamon on bread I stead of jam, or even yummier make a toastie out it! You’ll also find there’s still plenty you can eat within the 10g ‘of which sugars’ a day, eg. if you want crisps, just browse all the packets till you find the one with the lowest sugar content, same goes for all other things, even bread. just implementing those little changes can make a difference. Good luck anyhow. I look forward to hearing how hot get on with the no sugar 😊 xx


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