A starting point: ‘Before Photos’

So here we go. Unfortunately this first post is a tricky one to write, but I’m trying to frame it in a positive light.
As with any journey, you have to start somewhere. And for me, my journey starts with three photos. They will eventually be called my ‘Before’ photos.

I am not proud of these photos, but I also know that this is the least flattering my current body ever looks. With good posture, nice clothes, in animation and combined with a smiling face, the picture is immediately improved.
There isn’t anything ‘wrong’ with me, that’s not why I’m doing this. Instead, my aims are to get to a point where:
– I am comfortable and confident being photographed
– shopping for clothes isn’t a terrifying, body-hating experience
– I can go through a whole day without having to worry about clothing moving and exposing ‘bulges’
– I am fit and healthy enough to enjoy life to the full without feeling compromised by my weight and fitness

With that said, let’s begins!
Until next time

Dani x


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